5’10” Tyreek Hill wows with impressive windmill dunk


Browns pass-rusher Myles Garrett went viral recently, setting the internet ablaze by putting on an impromptu dunk clinic for our enjoyment. It goes without saying that Garrett, a former first overall pick and one of four Browns to achieve All-Pro status last season, is an absurd athlete (as his infuriatingly casual 64-inch box jump would attest). But I’d argue what Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill accomplished on the hardwood this week was even more impressive than Garrett’s own hoops heroics.

Hill, who is listed at a mere 5’10” (a good half-foot shorter than Garrett), celebrated his 27th birthday as only he could, treating onlookers at a local gymnasium (apparently South Miami High School) to a high-flying display of aerial pyrotechnics. Watch Tyreek, better known by his Twitter alias “Cheetah,” embrace flight with a dazzling display of windmill and 360 dunks.

Some of the more cynical Instagram commenters were quick to suggest Hill’s highlight reel was helped by clever editing. You’ll notice the camera cuts to other footage without showing him complete his first two dunks (though it looked like he had height to spare). But even if his editing team produced a more flattering version of events than the director’s cut only available on DVD special features, there’s no denying Hill’s on-court craftsmanship. That’s a smooth, lefty stroke if I’ve ever seen one. And how about that handle?

Football made Hill a household name, but before he rose to stardom as Patrick Mahomes’ preferred deep threat, the Georgia native was one of the nation’s top sprinters, clocking a sub-10 100-meter dash in a high-school meet (he blazed a wind-aided 9.98) while also medaling at the World Junior Championships in 2012. Many athletes contain language in their contracts prohibiting them from playing certain sports, but apparently not Hill or Saints running back Alvin Kamara, who gave snowboarding a try on a recent trip to Montana.

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