Cardinals’ Kyler Murray causes stir by wearing A’s hat to Suns/Warriors game


Oh the double-edged sword of celebrity. There was a time, before the advent of iPhones and Twitter, when a star athlete such as Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, could sit courtside at an NBA game without us losing our collective minds over it. But if that were the case, I probably wouldn’t be writing about it now, would I?

Murray, along with Cardinals teammate Christian Kirk, was in attendance for Thursday night’s game between the Suns and Golden State Warriors at the aptly named Phoenix Suns Arena. The former NFL Rookie of the Year who, as you might remember, had previously planned to play outfield for the Oakland Athletics (they even slipped him a $4.66-million signing bonus), arrived to Thursday’s game in an A’s cap, paying homage to the team that drafted him ninth overall in 2018.

Murray’s hat choice quickly became the talk of Twitter with many accusing the former Heisman winner of trolling the team he so famously bailed on to join Arizona in 2019.

Perhaps it’s asking too much, in our current climate of social media hyperbole, for a calm, measured reaction to something as seemingly inconsequential as a baseball cap. Still, the level of outrage was surprising (think of it as the Twitter equivalent of the fire drill scene from The Office) given that Murray has apparently worn this hat on multiple occasions.

I can’t answer for why Murray decided to leave the house wearing that particular hat (especially with the Warriors in town), though I’m quite confident the 23-year-old is neither trolling the A’s nor announcing his triumphant return to the diamond (apologies to any Deshaun Watson truthers crossing their fingers for a reunion with J.J. Watt and DeAndre Hopkins). I imagine Murray, despite picking football over baseball as his chosen profession, will always share some level of kinship with the A’s for drafting him. Or maybe he’s just a really big Matt Chapman fan.

Perhaps the next time Murray visits Phoenix Suns Arena, or anywhere else the cameras might be flashing, he’ll be a little more conscious of his headwear.

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