Glenn's Weekly Motivational-The Healthy Percentage Game

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Who or what do you worship?

For some of us, it's the sun and warm weather..Especially, lately.

Others, it's our material a Vette if we're a 55 year old male with a dad bod and dad hairline..(And no, I don't have a Vette and I'm only 47. I'll stop there)

For a select few, it's The Beatles, or Nickelback...and yeah, I put them in the same sentence.

Or maybe..It might even be God.

The word worship means an extravagant respect or admiration for or devotion to an object.

This time of year brings so many mixed emotions..and since we're in a pandemic, we all might be worshipping things that are unhealthy to us..Combine that with the words everyone tells us we should feel, and we go down a deep rabbit hole:

"Be grateful"...OK, I have a family to provide for and I just lost my job.

"It could be worse"..OK, I just foreclosed on my house and the heat was shut off.

"At least you have your health"..Yes, but my spouse just got a cancer diagnosis.

Worship the right things, and you'll find a path to emotional freedom.

Do you spend your time thinking about material things that will bring you temporary happiness? Vacations, cars, clothes?

I'm not saying these things don't bring a much needed high in your life, because they do, but is that all for you? What else keeps you going?

Do you find yourself worshipping things that are quick to exit your life, only to be replaced with a need for bigger and better things? Does that sound healthy, or does that sound like an addiction?

As Christmas approaches, I encourage you to worship the things that truly matter. I won't tell you what those things are, because I think you already know. We're all trying to simply get through the day in a pandemic, but what if you could actually thrive during this time? Choose wisely..The perfect balance of worshipping includes 50% healthy choices for yourself, and 50% selflessness towards those around you..If the percentages are off, find ways to fix them..

Want a She-Shed or a Man-Cave? Create a We-Shed or a Men-Cave..But make sure you social distance..And wear a mask..

And here's hoping the Nickelback tour resumes in 2021..That's part of my 50 percent

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it..XOXO Glenn