America's favorite pies at Thanksgiving dinner

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When it comes to Thanksgiving, dessert is just as important as the meal for many. Especially the American classic- pie. Everyone has a favorite, but some tend to be more popular than others.

A poll by YouGov asked a thousand adults about their favorite Thanksgiving pies and pumpkin pie tops the list with 23% of the vote. Pumpkin Pie is definitely a popular pie to be found at any Thanksgiving dinner, so it's not shocking it took the top spot. Coming in second is pecan, with 14%, followed by apple in third place with 12%. Sweet potato pie ranks fourth overall, with 8% of respondents choosing it as their favorite.

Other Thanksgiving pie favorites include chocolate (6%), cherry (5%), blueberry (5%), Boston cream (3%), key lime (3%) and banana cream (3%).

Beyond ranking their favorites, respondents were asked which pies they would like to have served. 82% say they would like apple pie, 70% feel the same about pumpkin pie. Other popular choices include chocolate pie (68%), cherry pie (67%), banana cream (66%), pecan (65%), peach (63%), and lemon meringue (62%).

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