Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Playing The Game

Photo credit Glenn Anderson (Audacy Radio)

Do you play the game?

You know what I mean. Do things you don't wanna do. Say things you don't wanna say. All in an effort to have an advantage over Gary in accounting who doesn't go to the monthly staff happy hour ...Blaming it on his (gulp) family.

Or..maybe you fakework (Network) with all the right people because you wanna make more money or get noticed for something..Or get your kids noticed..Because Gary in accounting is getting by doing the bare minimum and his kid is just an average baseball player.. and you want a raise.. and you want your child to get into UCLA on a sports scholarship.

Gary provided good conversation at work and didn't warm up haddock in the microwave...Gary would cover for you when your child was sick and needed to be picked up, but Gary is as useless as a football bat, so it's time to move on..

How many of us feel pressured to engage in self-serving friendships?

How many of us abandon our real friends because of it?

Don't get me wrong, networking can be a beautiful thing, and finding like-minded individuals can open up a world of opportunity for all of us and our kids.  Pushing ourselves to live out of our comfort zone from time to time can be extremely rewarding to our spirit and our confidence.

But when that networking is done with insincerity, and the schmoozing and boozing is fake..You're not being your authentic self.

And what are we teaching our kids?  That it's all about who you know?  That the quality of someone's character is second to what they can get you?

I have always been told I need to network more, and play the game.  Give fake compliments, and act interested.

I was told I'm hindering my growth in an industry that I love..But I also know that being authentic and trying to do it the right way may help in the long run.

And so far it has.

Play the game..But play the game for yourself.  Challenge yourself each day to be a better version than you were yesterday.  The competition should only be against you.

Challenge your kids to play the game better, too.  Whether that's sports...or the game of


All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it

XOXO Glenn