Toohey got Trumped again?!

Rick from Kirtland got the job done!

1.   Joe Hayden is retiring, and he’s retiring a Cleveland Brown after signing a one day contract. Joe Hayden: Offense? Or Defense?


2.      Tonight, it’s Thursday Night Football in Cleveland.  The Cleveland Browns are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers at FirstEnergy Stadium.  During/after our first home game of the year, which was days ago, some idiot threw a bottle at who?  The Browns Owner?  A Browns Player?  A Browns Coach?

Browns Owner

3.      McDonald’s is rumored to be bringing back the Halloween Happy Meal pumpkin pails.  According to their website: which of these is NOT a Happy meal option?  Hamburger Meal?  6 piece McNugget Meal?  Cheeseburger Meal?

Cheeseburger Meal

4.      If you’re having problems with your new iPhone 14, you’re not the only one.  Users have been reporting problems with iMessage and FaceTime - and Apple has acknowledged the problem.  The original Iphone, first generation, was released in what year?!    2005?  2007?  2009?


5.      Betty White’s possessions are going up for auction!  It starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday.  Her Golden Girls character, Rose, was from St Olaf which was located in which state?