Trump Toohey: What are fans of Mariah Carey known as?

Trey and his son from South Euclid try to Trump Toohey this Tuesday!

1.      Deshaun Watson has officially been reinstated from his 11 game suspension. He is expected to start this Sunday when the Browns play his former team - the Texans in Houston. Who did the Browns just beat, in overtime, two days ago?

Tampa Bay Bucs

2.    Adele is in the midst of her Las Vegas residency, and the audience has been jam-packed with some special celebrity guests. Most recently, Shania Twain!  Shania Twain:  Over or under 55?

Over – 57

3.       The RTA’s Holiday Train is back!  Not only is it decorated for the season, but Mr. and Mrs. Claus and their helpers could be along for the ride at any point.  Which iconic means of transportation for Clevelanders, and northeast Ohioians, officially came to a close earlier this year after 37 years?

Lolly the Trolley

4.       Will Smith is back, and the star says he understands if people don't see his new movie, "Emancipation," over lingering issues with his incident at this year's Oscars.  When he was known as the Fresh Prince, along side DJ Jazzy Jeff, they only had 1 Top 5 song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  What was that song? 


5.       Mariah Carey’s hit holiday song “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is number one yet again on the “Billboard Holiday 100”.  Taylor Swift’s fans are known as Swifties.  Mariah’s fans are known as ____.

Lambs or as a group Lambilly  

Featured Image Photo Credit: The Jen and Tim Show