Trump Toohey: What team won the Men's NCAA Tournament last year?

Katie tries to Trump Toohey, but fails..

1.   Sorry labs, there’s a new top dog in the U.S. The French bulldog is officially the most popular dog breed in America, ending Labrador retrievers’ three-decade reign as number one. Scooby Doo is what breed of dog? Great Dane? Poodle? Pug?

Great Dane

2.   Joe Exotic, despite suffering from cancer and being in prison on a murder-for-hire conviction, says he's running for President in 2024. What was the name of the Netflix series that starred “Joe Exotic”?

Tiger King

3.   Ryan Reynolds has sold Mint Mobile to T-Mobile for an eye-watering $1.35 billion.  Ryan Reynolds is known for playing the role of which Marvel comics character? Ant Man?  Deadpool?  Spiderman?


4.   Charity Lawson, a contestant on the current season of The Bachelor, has been named the 20th Bachelorette. If The Bachelorette is coming up on 20 seasons, what season of The Bachelor is currently airing? Is it season 21, 24 or 27?


5.   March Madness begins today starting at noon. The tournament kicks off with West Virginia playing Maryland and games will continue all day. What team won the Men's NCAA Tournament last year?

The Kansas Jayhawks

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jen & Tim Show