The average adult keeps WHAT, do you?

A new poll that was recently conducted found that the average adult keeps about 20 toys from their childhood!

A new poll revealed that the average adult keeps about 20 toys from their childhood for various reasons including passing the toys down to their kids or grandkids, do you? In the age of minimalism and clutter free we humans still manage to hold on to about 20 toys from childhood, the poll concluded that 65% of people keep their toys to pass on to future generations, 57% say they kept the toys for sentimental reasons and 59% said they kept the toys because they are better than any toys made today.

The poll listed the most popular toys saved, which included Barbie Dolls, LEGOs and Hot Wheels. The poll also listed other toys including G.I. Joes, Suzy Homemakers appliances, Fisher-Price telephones, Lite-Brites, Slinkys, Rubik's Cubes, Beanie Babies, Etch-A-Sketch and My Little Pony. So to celebrate these super popular toys I put together a list of my favorite toy informercials from back in the day.

Featured Image Photo Credit: star 94