The Throwback Three at Three: Taking it back to 1987

Kick off your drive home with Kannon and the Throwback Three at Three! We all lived through it, but do you remember what was happening in 1987?

Start your drive home with Kannon and the Throwback Three at Three, where we feature the top three songs of any given year and throw it back to good times, great music and amazing memories! Do you remember what your were doing back in 1987? Because we sure don't.

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Can you believe how much the dollar has changed?

The price of a daily newspaper in 1987: 25 cents
The price of a Videocassette, VHS: $3.49
The price of Gummi Bears: $2.99/pound
The cost of a Superbowl ad in 1987: $600,000

How many of you ended up with a name off this list?

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Did you use these quotes during 1987?

“I’m going to Disney World”
– Phil Simms after winning Superbowl XXI

“This is your brain… This is drugs… This is your brain on drugs”

“Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.”
– Michael Douglass, as Gordon Gekko, in Wall Street

“Snap out of it!”
– Cher, in Moonstruck

“Nobody puts ‘Baby’ in a corner”
– Patrick Swayze, in Dirty Dancing

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”
– Ronald Reagan requesting the elimination of the Berlin Wall

Did you know these stars were born in 1987?

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1. Kevin Jonas
2. Blake Lively
3. Michael B. Jordan
4. Brendon Urie
5. Kendrick Lamar
6. Shay Mitchell
7. Hilary Duff
8. Kesha
9. Snooki

Do you remember these iconic people from 1987:

In 1987 Time Magazine’s Man of the Year was Mikhail Gorbachev. Also in 1987 Kellye Cash from Memphis, Tennessee was nominated as Miss America and Michelle Royer from Texas was nomination of Miss USA. Jesse McCartney, Rachel Evan Wood, Ke$ha and Hilary Duff were born in 1987. Did you ever find yourself crushing on any of these heartthrobs from 1987:

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Did you know all these cool things happened in 1987:

-The Movies to Watch include The Princess Bride, Good Morning Vietnam, Moonstruck, Dirty Dancing, Wall Street and Lethal Weapon
-Notable books include: Misery by Stephen King and Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
-The Giants defeated the Broncos 39-20, and Simms was named MVP of Super Bowl XXI. He is credited for being the first to use the phrase “I’m going to Disney World!”
-The Garbage Pail Kids were made into a live-action movie in 1987, with a cast of little people.
-Red M&M’s were reintroduced in 1987.
-1987 was the year that Red Bull started accelerating parties.
-Tom’s Restaurant, the inspiration for Suzanne Vega’s 1987 song Tom’s Diner, is the same diner used as the exterior for the fictional Monk’s Café in the television sitcom Seinfeld.

Full House first episode aired in 1987.

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Here's the top 10 movies of 1987:

1. Three Men and A Baby
2. Fatal Attraction
3. Beverly Hills Cop II
4. Good Morning, Vietnam
5. Moonstruck
6. The Untouchables
7. The Secret Of My Success
8. Stakeout
9. Lethal Weapon
10. The Witches of Eastwick

And the top 10 t.v. shows of 1987:

1. The Cosby Show (NBC)
2. Roseanne (ABC)
3. A Different World (NBC)
4. Cheers (NBC)
5. 60 Minutes (CBS)
6. The Golden Girls (NBC)
7. Who’s the Boss? ( ABC)
8. Murder, She Wrote (CBS)
9. Empty Nest (NBC)
10. Anything But Love (ABC)

In 1987, Aretha Franklin made history when she became the first woman ever to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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Paul Simon won Album of the Year for Graceland in 1987.

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