Armando Lucas Correa discusses his new book, "In Search of Emma"

Armando Lucas Correa
Photo credit Alberto E. Tamargo / Sipa USA

In the years before gay marriage was widespread and legal across the nation, the road to parenthood was difficult for gay couples, including for Armando Lucas Correa, the Editor in Chief of People Magazine en Español.

Correa eventually chose surrogacy — a long, arduous, and expensive method involving seemingly endless tests, paperwork, and difficult decisions. But with the help of science, a lot of patience, an egg donor, a gestational mother, and the unconditional support of his partner and family, Correa’s dream finally came true with the birth of his beloved daughter, Emma.

His latest book, In Search of Emma, is the moving, true story of a man who always wanted to be a father and the long emotional road to making his dream come true.

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Armando Lucas Correa - In Search of Emma
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