Cancer Kinship helps patients and their loved ones adjust to a cancer diagnosis and treatment

Yolanda Origel, a 13-year breast cancer survivor and someone who lost both her mother and sister to breast cancer, founded Cancer Kinship, a nonprofit which seeks to help patients and their loved ones adjust to a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Cancer Kinship helps guide cancer patients through and after their treatments, helping them regain control of their lives and well-being and reduce their disease recurrence risks. Their network of support groups, survivorship empowerment programs, and mentoring for patients aims to minimize cancer's impact once a patient is in remission.

Many resources are raised and expended on cancer awareness, prevention, and research, but little is being done to address cancer's physical, emotional and psychosocial effects. With more than 16.9 million Americans alive today with their cancer survival story, there is much work to be done to support this growing community.

Cancer Kinship seeks to help patients adjust to their “new normal” lives as survivors. We believe that our programs and services will empower patients and survivors to take control of their health and future, resulting in the overall cancer community – our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends – living longer, happier and more impactful lives.

Cancer Kinship will be hosting its 2nd annual virtual "Brave, Bold, and Boundless" fashion show, featuring cancer survivors. It'll be held on Saturday, June 26th, as part of National Cancer Survivor Month.