Saved in America is working to end child trafficking in the United States

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Child sex trafficking is the Fastest Growing Crime in the United States, and California is usually the #1 state, in which 3 of 4 victims are U.S. citizens. During the pandemic, the world stopped, however sexual predators did not. With children at home and online more than ever, online exploitation and trafficking increased nearly 50%. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received 37,872 reports of online enticement in the U.S. in 2020 (up from 19,174), and 98% of victims did not know the offender online. There were also 17,000 reports of child sex trafficking, in which 1 in 6 children reported missing were runaways and victims of sex trafficking.

Saved in America is a San Diego based non-profit which assists parents and law enforcement in locating missing, runaway, and exploited children. Since December of 2014, Saved in America has assisted in the recovery of over 250 children. Saved In America Special Operations Consultant and Advisory Board Member retired Master Chief Navy SEAL Kirby Horrell explains how Saved in America is working to end child trafficking in the United States.

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