Living Better in San Diego - Technology Relief Institute donates refurbished computers to International Rescue Committee

Stack of used laptops in different colors and models
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The Technology Relief Initiative is a student-run non-profit organization based in San Diego consisting of high school students from Del Norte High School. TRI's mission is to take donated electronic devices from the San Diego community and repair and refurbish them for donation to those in need.

TRI recently partnered with the San Diego branch of the International Rescue Committee to give away repaired laptops, macBooks, iMacs, and Chromebooks to refugees and immigrants in San Diego, and recently made a donation of over 20 laptops over the course of one weekend.

Anisa Abeytia, Senior Digital Inclusion Project Lead, International Rescue Committee and Gary Liang, Co-founder of the Technology Relief Initiative, discuss this partnership.

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Anisa Abeytia and Gary Liang - IRC and TRI
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