Living Better in San Diego - How to combat migraine while traveling

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A recent survey from Condé Nast Traveler found that a third of respondents who suffer from migraine say traveling is a trigger for their migraine, and 89% said they‘ve had to delay or cancel travel because of migraine. And, when people with migraine do travel, two thirds say that a significant portion of their trip is typically affected by migraine.

As a popular influencer and travel enthusiast, Tomeka Cherry has suffered from migraine, a debilitating disease affecting almost 40 million Americans, for more than a decade and it often interferes with spending time with family, work, and travel. Migraine can have several triggers including stress, sound, weather, and change in environment, and all of those can get in the way of a great vacation! But Tomeka has found various ways, including the use of Nurtec ODT, to help minimize migraine’s impact on her travel plans over the years, allowing her to plan her days and giving her the freedom to travel with her family and friends without the worry of a migraine attack.

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