Kyrie Irving's 'agents' have 'made it known' he would retire if traded: report

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Are the Brooklyn Nets entertaining the possibility of trading Kyrie Irving?

A national reporter turned heads by suggesting as much on Wednesday.

But Irving's "agents" have "made it known" that Irving would rather retire than accept a trade out of Brooklyn, according to Nick Wright of FS1.

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While the Nets have been active this offseason, it has mostly been at the periphery, with little mention of breaking up the big three of Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Irving.

However, Wright says there are now "a handful of Kyrie trades that potentially make sense for the Nets."

Wright's tweet prompted plenty of pushback.

Some opponents questioned the reporting itself, while others saw a slim-to-none chance of the Nets breaking up Irving and Durant, who are said to be buddies. One common criticism from users was that Irving is not publicly known to have an agent since firing Roc Nation in late July.

In a followup post, Wright said Irving is no longer "untouchable" and compared his situation with that of DeAndre Jordan, who was traded to the Pistons earlier this offseason, only a few weeks after GM Sean Marks said Jordan was "definitely" part of the plan for the upcoming season.

It's not clear why the Nets would look to move Irving, and there's no known previous reporting indicating as much.

Last month, Nets GM Sean Marks confirmed that signing Irving and Harden to extensions before training camp was on the team's agenda. The comments came in the wake of Durant's extension. But, as Wright alluded, Marks made his fateful remark about Jordan at the same presser.

Meanwhile, earlier on Wednesday, Irving posted a cryptic tweet referencing masks with the tag line "no fear."

Based on these seemingly unrelated developments -- a presumably single-sourced report and a strange tweet -- Irving was a trending topic on Twitter on Wednesday, the whole affair once again illustrating how he can be a lightning rod, and usually under strange circumstances.

NBA Twitter had its usual broad range of responses to the twists and turns:

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