Texans set to meet with top quarterbacks Young and Stroud ahead of NFL draft


In Phoenix, Arizona for NFL meetings, Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans discussed all of the major talking points regarding the Texans' free agent acquisitions, draft capital, team building, and of course the position of need on everyone’s mind.


Ryans said the Texans are continuing to evaluate their options and as part of their due diligence, have arranged to meet with two of the top quarterbacks in both Bryce Young and CJ Stroud, ahead of the April 27 NFL Draft.

“We have visits scheduled with those guys as well,” Ryans said. “We have the combine, we’ve met with guys, we have pro days, we have 30 visits, we have film, so it’s all encompassing when we’re evaluating players.”

While Ryans and general manager Nick Caserio weren’t personally at either Young or Stroud’s recent pro day workouts, the Texans did have representation at those locations last week, to watch the two young signal callers.

The Carolina Panthers, which recently traded up from the No. 9 pick with the Chicago Bears to nab the No. 1 in the upcoming draft, have already met with both of the top quarterbacks.

While some believe the Panthers are still hemming and hawing over which prospect to take with their top choice, Ryans had glowing remarks when asked about Young’s potential and stature entering the league.

“The guy has done it at the highest level in college football and size hasn't seemed to be a problem,” Ryans said. “You see how smart he is. You see the anticipation. You see the accuracy. You see how this guy is calm in critical moments. When you see those things, size isn't one of the factors that pop up on tape that's like, oh, man, it's a problem.

“Again, you just look at the track record, see what he's done in the SEC, highest level of college football he's been successful, and I think he'll be successful in the NFL, as well.”

As far as which situation would be the best fit for either of the two prospects, arguments could be made for both Carolina and Houston.

Both have young, first-time offensive coordinators and quarterback coaches. The Panthers and Texans have also accumulated proven veterans to put around their prospective rookie quarterbacks.

Experience matters.

While Panthers head coach Frank Reich has the advantage over the Texans first year head coach, as he enters his sixth season as a head coach in the NFL, the two former players do have something in common.

Neither has ever developed a rookie quarterback before.

Time will only tell on who thrives where first, fastest or at all.

Featured Image Photo Credit: (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)