Tim McGraw Confronts Unruly Fan At Show

After stumbling over a few of the words in a song a fan began to taunt Tim which resulted in a confrontation.

Tim McGraw was on stage singing "Where The Green Grass Grows" and stumbled over a couple of the words and a fan began to taunt him from the crowd. This clearly upset McGraw as he tells his band to stop and then asks on the microphone, "You got a problem with me?" then proceeds to jump off the stage to get closer to the phone. We haven't found more footage from closer to the stage but you can see from this Instagram video that Tim was ready to go!

Ultimately, he hopped back on stage and finished the song but this is certainly not something you see every day and quite frankly, Tim McGraw doesn't strike me as the guy you want to pick a fight with. The dude is jacked.