Russell: Bryce Harper has made his decision


The Bryce Harper Sweepstakes will soon come to an end.

Harper has reportedly made his decision and is ready to celebrate a signing, according to 106.7 The Fan's Chris Russell.
"Maybe I took a little bit of a leap of faith here based on some indications that I got from a real good source," Russell told 94WIP in Philadelphia that Harper has made a decision which could be announced Friday.

According to Russell, "I'm led to believe by some people that I've talked to that are close to the situation... that Bryce was in a mood to celebrate yesterday."

"Now, the source said, 'I believe it's done.' But I don't have concrete, 100 percent proof for you guys. I wish I did, otherwise I would have it and I would be running around with it. But I don't have that, so I want to caution everybody in Philadelphia. But that's what I was led to believe, that this thing is now decided," Russell said.

However, the details in the contract still need to be ironed out.

"Now, what comes then is hammering out a contract," Russell said. "And if we were are to believe the reports that the Philadelphia Phillies had not even extended a formal offer — and I assume that to be a termed, written agreement, that type of thing, which I find hard to believe — then there might be more leg work to this. And therefore, hey the decision might be done, but the contract still has to be ironed out. So it could take a couple more days even if the decision is done, which, again, I was led to believe that the decision is done."

Russell said Harper had a meeting with his agent Scott Boras this week to make the decision.

"Bryce and his representatives: Boras, his people, his wife, Kayla, they've been meeting since Monday morning in Vegas. The all convened Monday morning to make a decision. Bryce originally wanted this done, when it took this long, by Valentine's Day. Obviously, the contract has not been announced, signed, or whatever."

"I was, again, led to believe that there was some stuff going on yesterday in Las Vegas that indicated to me and my source that Bryce Harper was done with this decision," Russell said. "But it could still take a couple of days to get everything ironed out."

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