WATCH: EB still haunted by wife's work parties


It's been years since Eric Bickel has been subjected to the trauma of his wife's work parties, but the memories still haunt The Sports Junkies host.

"My wife was an architect and she retired – we put her on scholarship 15 years ago," Bickel recalled the nightmarish scenario Tuesday. "But prior to that, and I used to have to go to those work parties. They're all nice people; I've never had less in common with a human than when I would go those (architect parties)."

"Cause they weren't talking Maryland hoops," Jason Bishop chimed.

EB: They didn't even know what a basketball was.
Cakes: Did they know who Greivis Vasquez is?
EB: No, they're just so intellectual and just so smart, and they would mock me because I had a truck.
Jason: You know what they were? They were BORING.
EB: Well, I don't know if I've ever been more uncomfortable, because I had, just I had nothing in common with all of these people.

"Wait, they didn't want to talk about Captain Stabbin?" Cakes zinged, drawing laughter from around the Zoom. "That never came up in their conversations?"

"I can officially say I never went to a spousal work party," Bishop zinged his own wife's inability to procure work. "I don't know what those are."

"If you could find a Captain Stabbin or a Harry Horndog link, you're gonna make my day," Bickel said, invoking the name of prestigious film actor and director, John T. Bone, an AVN Hall of Famer also known in some fine works as Harry Horndog. "You're gonna make my day. Because now you're bringing back the college years."