A moment in Junkies history: Fausto calls the show (listen)


Jason Bishop of The Sports Junkies has long spoke of his favorite Ocean City restaurant.

Ristorante Antipasti, which has come to be known more colloquially as "Fausto's" on the show – nicknamed after its lovable restaurant owner – clearly has a special place in Jason's heart. As does his favorite dish, Rigatoni alla Pecoraia.

A warm, inviting environment, Ristorante Antipasti is specially suited to create memories with family that will last a lifetime. Memories forged over a little taste of Italy – a glass of red wine and a plate full of Rigatoni alla Pecoraia – served with the sound of the ocean breeze swaying in the distance.

Nothing gets overlooked by Fausto, a fact that's even obvious when visiting Ristorante Antipasti's website, as you're greeted by the sweet melodic charm of Andrea Bocelli's "Con Te Partiro," yet another small slice of the homeland.
For years, Jason's spoken of this special place. And, on Saturday, as he was doing the show with co-host John-Paul Flaim, a very special moment arose. With Jason broadcasting from Ocean City, he mentioned how he and his family would be dining at Fausto's that evening.

Recently gifted an expensive bottle of wine from Napa, Jason briefed the listeners on an internal struggle, wondering if he might offend Fausto by bringing the bottle into the establishment.

The idea was raised to just call Fausto and ask, and lo and behold, five minutes later, the man, the myth, the legend himself, Fausto, called into the show.

It just wouldn't be fair to Junkies history for this call, a momentous occasion in Junkies lore, to get buried on a weekend.

Buon appetito!