Kyle Allen expecting to compete for Redskins starting job

If the starting role in Washington is already quarterback Dwayne Haskins' to lose, well then that's news to Kyle Allen.
Acquired in a trade with the Panthers last week, Allen – the 2018 undrafted free agent who started 12 games in place of injured Cam Newton last season in Carolina – says after speaking with head coach Ron Rivera, "I think the expectation is to come in and compete for the job."

"It's an awesome opportunity and I think it's kind of cool, and I think it's cool to be back with the coaches I (was with) before in a similar system, so we'll see," Allen told reporters via conference call Tuesday. "I'm just gonna take advantage of my reps like I did in Carolina when I was the fourth-string two years ago and number three reps in training camp.

"Now I just need more reps. Just keep taking advantage of 'em."

Allen, 24, says it was a little awkward learning he'd been traded.

"When they traded for me it was kind of random," he said. "I didn't really expect to get traded. I had just signed a contract in Carolina two weeks before, so interesting experience."

Allen joins the Redskins with a built-in advantage over Haskins, who is learning his second system in as many years during a muted offseason limited by the coronavirus. Allen already knows offensive coordinator Scott Turner's system. The 37-year-old Turner got to test out his offense with Allen at the wheel during Carolina's final four games in 2019 after Rivera's firing.

"I think it's a really good system and I think it takes a decent amount of time to really learn and grasp onto," Allen said. "I think it's evolved a lot over the years since Norv kind of started with it back in the day. It took me like a solid month, month and a half before I really felt comfortable out in practice and going through the plays, and then after that, you just slowly evolve and get better and better and more comfortable in it."

That month and a half learning curve could prove especially daunting for Haskins in this bizarro offseason, especially if training camp doesn't begin on time, separated from the coaches who are to help him learn it. Having Allen around will give Rivera peace of mind whenever things do get rolling again.

"It's tough to grasp at first, but once you grasp it, it's really fluid," Allen said. "You can add a lot of things into it easily, you can really maneuver it in different ways to help the team out, so I think it's a really good system and I think Scott has a really good idea with what he wants to do with it."