WATCH: Lurch nearly gets EB doxxed after inadvertently revealing his email address


A conversation about Jason Bishop's hat Tuesday morning nearly wound up with one of The Sports Junkies hosts getting doxxed.

Bish was in the process of explaining the meaning behind his hat de jour – which he'd purchased from Golfdom the day before – from Peter Millar's golf line, G/FORE, unsubtly emblazoned with the words: "No 1 CARES WHAT YOU SHOT."

The slogan perfectly espouses Bish's views on other golfers touting the results of their round.

"It says no one cares what you shot," Cakes explained. "Just like nobody wants to ever hear a bad beat story. Nobody cares what you shot on the GOFF course. Same deal."

"The Capitals love the G/FORE gear," Bish noted.

EB: I hate the 'no one cares what you shot.' I get the bit, but I can't wear that.
BISH: Why? Because this is too much?
JP: No, because EB's had an email address for 30 years with what he shot!

"I know," Bish says, right as the audio cuts out. "No one cares!"

"I dumped that," Junkies producer Matt Valdez informed. "I dumped that, by the way."

"You dumped what," Bish asked, revealing how blissfully unaware he was that he'd nearly railroaded his co-host of two-plus decades.

"You giving out Eric's email," Valdez said.

"Oh, I'm sorry," replied Bish.

As JP went on to explain on Twitter, it all goes back to an especially healthy round EB shot at Glenn Dale Golf Club, near Bowie, which JP described as "a really short and easy course."

One round at Glendale, a really short and easy course, in his 20’s will live forever. To his credit, I probably couldn’t shoot 94 there.

— John-Paul Flaim (@GlassJoeJP) June 23, 2020

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