Lombardi: Redskins have no culture with Snyder

Photo credit Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
The Washington Redskins struggles stem from a lack of culture since Daniel Snyder bought the team, former NFL executive Michael Lombardi said.
"They have no culture in Washington. I mean, let's be real honest," Lombardi told Grant & Danny Wednesday.

"They have no culture. They haven't had a culture since Snyder's been there," Lombardi said. "He's anti-culture. He's all about players, not developing a culture."

Lombardi went on to say Redskins president Bruce Allen "didn't have anything to do when it came player personnel procedures" when the two worked for the Oakland Raiders.

"And Bruce has been the general manager under the disguise as a football guy," Lombardi said. "And let's face it, Bruce never did any football with the Raiders when I worked there. He wasn't even in the draft meetings when we were there. He never was involved in player personnel." 

"You get what you want and I think that's what they got," Lombardi said.

There were reports last week which indicated Allen may transition from the Redskins football-side of operations to the business-side.

With the on-field performance in Washington relatively unchanged during the last two decades, Lombardi said if he were Snyder he would try and tempt Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney.

"I'd offer him a $15 million a year contract for 10 years and tell him to run my team and I'd win," Lombardi said.

Swinney, who won his second college football national championship Monday, would represent a change, but could only do so much.

"And things haven't gotten any better in Washington," Lombardi said. "So Dan's gotta do what Dan's gotta do."

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