Sonny Jurgensen once completed a pass behind his back

Source: Eric Schaffer one team's lead candidate for president of football ops.
Photo credit Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Eat your heart out, Patrick Mahomes.

Generations before the NFL's most exciting young gunslinger was throwing "trick" passes (like this or this) to his receivers, Sonny Jurgensen was a star under center.

Last week, the NFL archive tweeted out one of the slickest evasive maneuvers you will ever see, from a quarterback not known for his mobility.

Who needs mobility when you can complete passes by throwing behind your back?

Unfortunately, in 1961, Jurgensen was still playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, but nothing can diminish this play, which even fooled the cameraman:

Here's how you can step your game up, @PatrickMahomes...Sonny Jurgensen completing a pass behind his back in 1961:

— NFL Throwback (@nflthrowback) February 20, 2019

It's worth noting that Jurgensen has been involved with professional football for 62 years, which is longer than most people reading this article have been alive.

In 1961, Jurgensen led the NFL with 235 completions, 3,723 yards, 32 touchdowns and 24 interceptions. It was his first of five Pro Bowl seasons and he finished the year as a first-team All-Pro.

The greatest innovation in the history of pro football might be the forward pass, but the behind-the-back version is an underrated adaptation. Here's to you, Sonny.


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