Joe Theismann gives Dwayne Haskins permission to wear No. 7

Joe Theismann has given Dwayne Haskins permission to wear No. 7, the legendary Redskins QB said on Grant & Danny Wednesday. 

"I just got off the phone with Dwayne just a little while ago, and I told him it was okay to wear No. 7," said Theismann. "I've given him permission. Not that I feel like I needed to, but he was respectful enough to ask."

"We had a really nice conversation. It's important to him. And hey, I want the kid to be successful. He doesn't need to worry about, 'Well, I wish I could've worn a different jersey. I wish I could've worn a number.'"

"If this is one less thing that puts any problems out there or issues out there for him or statements or comments, let's make his life as easy possible, so that we can get the success from him that we're hoping and expecting."

No. 7 has been "protected" by the Redskins since Theismann's career came to an end in 1985. But it appears Haskins, who wore No. 7 at Ohio State, will now be donning that number for Washington. 

"I think he's decided that he wants to do that," said Theismann. "He wanted to make sure it was okay with me to be able to wear the number, and I said yes." 

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