Redskins draft QB Dwayne Haskins at No. 15


The Washington Redskins have selected... Dwayne Haskins, quarterback, Ohio State.

And Haskins, a local product who held his celebration in Gaithersburg, Maryland, comes into a QB room in Washington with a great group of players to learn from.

Haskins could not ask for a better room to be in.He's super raw. He's also young and he just said that on the call. He knows he's got a long way to go.However...he's got a terrific chance to succeed with the coaches and QB's to learn from IF he gets guys to throw to.

— Craig Hoffman (@CraigHoffman) April 26, 2019

"I'm just excited to be a part of something special, be a part of a team again and I'm looking forward to calling the Redskins home for years to come and I'm just going to do everything I can to be ready," Haskins told the media after being picked.

"Expectation is to work as hard as I can, do all I can to be a part of this position in this franchise and I'm looking forward to contributing any way possible and just get down and work."

Haskins said he isn't unfamiliar with FedEx Field.

"I went to a couple games with my friends back in high school, back in the RG3 (era)," he said. "Football's taken very seriously down here, and I'm looking forward to bringing that winning tradition back to the Redskins."

"I'm just going to work on getting my head in that playbook. I'm going to do all I can to get physically and mentally ready for the upcoming season and just motivate my guys that's coming in with me in this rookie class and do all I can to be prepared for the season," Haskins told the media. "Everything's going to be a new challenge for me and everything will be something I'll take on head on and I'm just looking forward to getting to D.C. and being able to be a part of this team. I'm really excited."

When it came time to pick there were almost too many options for the Redskins.

So many options for the Redskins

— danny rouhier (@funnydanny) April 26, 2019

Would it be Haskins?

Haskins could easily fall to Skins

— Eric Bickel (@EBJunkies) April 26, 2019

Haskins was unmoved when the New York Giants passed on him and took Daniel Jones at No. 6.

Wait for it.Dwayne Haskins' reaction when the Giants passed on him to take Duke QB Daniel Jones --

— NBC Sports Redskins (@NBCSRedskins) April 26, 2019

And while some Redskins fans were nervous about the draft, most felt better than the Giants.

#Redskins fans: How are you feeling so far? #NFLDraft #HTTR

— 106.7 The Fan (@1067theFan) April 26, 2019

Or maybe they Redskins would go with Rosen?

The Redskins should spend their time in the draft room right now trying to figure out how to land Josh Rosen from Arizona.

— Grant Paulsen (@granthpaulsen) April 26, 2019

As the 1st round went along it looked like top talent would fall into the Redskins' lap at No. 15.

Bengals take a tackle. Interesting how QB's are sliding. Who do you want - Haskins, Lock or someone else?

— Rick Snider (@Snide_Remarks) April 26, 2019

The Bengals taking a tackle and doubling down on Andy Dalton (for now) gives the #Redskins an even better chance for Dwayne Haskins to fall. Not everybody in the building who matters wants Haskins but there are some powerful people who do.

— Grant Paulsen (@granthpaulsen) April 26, 2019

Two of the top edge rushers in the draft have also fallen and could be there for the #Redskins. Brian Burns and Montez Sweat would both be massive OLB upgrades immediately. I'd go that route and work on a Josh Rosen trade.

— Grant Paulsen (@granthpaulsen) April 26, 2019

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