JUNKIES: When will Haskins start at QB?


The Washington Redskins got their man in Dwayne Haskins.

Now the question becomes: How soon will he play?

"Well, I think he has to compete for the starting job from Day 1," The Sports Junkies' John "Cakes" Auville said Friday. "I don't think you go into it saying, '(Case) Keenum's the starter and Haskins is the back-up.' I think when you draft a first-round guy, with his pedigree, you have to let him compete for the job.
Haskins, who the Redskins took with the No. 15 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, says he is ready for the challenge.
"I'm going to do all I can to get physically and mentally ready for the upcoming season and just motivate my guys that's coming in with me in this rookie class and do all I can to be prepared for the season," Haskins told the media.
Will Haskins see the field soon? Head coach Jay Gruden said he will have a shot to compete for the starting job.

“I think you have to give him an opportunity without a doubt,” Gruden said, adding Haskins has "all the tools to be an exceptional quarterback" in the NFL.

“We feel good about the guys we have in the building, for sure,” he added. “But when you take a guy in the first round, anytime, you have to give him a chance to compete. That’s just the way football is.”

"We have quarterback competitions going out the yin-yang right now,” Gruden said.

However, not all are sold on the Redskins' pick of Haskins and it isn't a slam dunk he will start right away.

"I think there's going to be a waiting period," Eric Bickel said. "How long will it be? I don't know. Now, the good news for (Haskins) is, I don't think the guys in front of him are very good, so they'll struggle and stumble, and (the Redskins) are gonna have to go to him."

Jason Bishop says it would help Haskins to "sit behind an established veteran for, certainly, a few games," which Bickel agreed with.

But don't be surprised if Haskins sees regular season action before then. 

"I just wouldn't be shocked if you see him on the field for the opener in Philadelphia," Cakes countered. "I wouldn't be shocked by it at all."

If it was up to me I would wait a few weeks to start Dwayne Haskins. Develop him, but most importantly you push back the apathy date until alter in season. Fans will be excited as they wait for him. 4 playoff opponents in first 5 games. #Redskins

— Grant Paulsen (@granthpaulsen) April 26, 2019

While Gruden may not have been all-in on Haskins pre-draft, he had lots of praise for his ability after Round 1. 

"He’s a big strong guy. He can maneuver in the pocket. There are a lot of quarterbacks that aren’t necessarily scramblers. Whether it’s a six-inch step, a step up, a lateral step, to buy some time, he can buy some time. With his size and strength, people bounce off of him. He has functional mobility.”

However, there is still a lot unknown about Haskins, even by the Redskins.

“I don’t know what to expect from him yet,” Gruden said. “We’ve got to get him in here. We’ll throw a lot at him. …We have to figure out the reps."

But at No. 15, Washington didn't want to pass on the Ohio State quarterback.

“For playing only one year, to put up the numbers that he put up, it’s really incredible," Gruden said late Thursday night. "We felt like there’s such an upside to him that we couldn’t pass him up.”

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