Bruce Allen: We had to fire Jay Gruden

The Washington Redskins fired head coach Jay Gruden after an 0-5 start because "the team wasn't responding," team president Bruce Allen told Andrea Kremer this week.

“We had to fire Jay,” Allen told Kremer of Thursday Night Football's broadcast on Amazon Prime Video. “The team wasn’t responding.”

Since the Redskins fired Gruden just hours after the Skins' 33-7 defeat to the New England Patriots. Since? The Skins have gone 1-2 and scored only 26 points in three games with just two touchdowns. (Washington's lone win came against the hapless Dolphins.)
Gruden told 106.7 The Fan he wasn't shocked the early morning meeting with Allen would be his last as head coach, "I had a hunch it might go on there, but I met them early in the morning on a Monday after the game and was basically let go."
He added he had no hard feelings after being fired. "It was a great run, I was grateful for the opportunity and unfortunately I didn't get it done. And we had to part ways. They had to go their own way and I gotta go my own way. No hard feelings, whatsoever. I think I did the best I could and ultimately at the end of the day I didn't get it done and they had to go their own way," Gruden said on Grant & Danny.

According to Allen, inquiries from outside about the job began the day after Gruden was let go and interest has been substantial.

“Let’s just say we’ve heard from every agent,” Allen said. “They found our phone number.”

Earlier in October, reports indicated owner Daniel Snyder viewed Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin as "best candidate to help revive the franchise." Reports also said the organization wouldn't begin their search until after the season.
NFL Network's Ian Rapoport told 106.7 The Fan the Redskins should have a headstart on the market.

"They do get a headstart," Rapoport told Grant & Danny. "If they wanted to contact people who have coached with some of their targets, if they wanted to do background work, I mean there's a lot of stuff that team's who are gonna fire their coach do before they fire him, sometimes they get busted and people find out about it and it's very bad. At the very least, the Redskins can do all of that now without being jerks, which is nice. So they can sort of begin the process."

Rapoport said the team will look to hire a "young and innovative" head coach and offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell could be a candidate.
"Someone to kinda take this offense in a new direction, someone that can take advantage of Dwayne Haskins' talents, someone to come in and be creative," Rapoport told The Fan. "I expect Kevin O'Connell to get some real consideration, he's not the interim (head coach), but he is gonna run the offense, as it will be his offense now. We saw this model work with the Browns last year and Freddie Kitchens, so I would definitely keep an eye on Kevin O'Connell."
Allen also took the time to talk Alex Smith with Kremer: "We thought we made the right deal for this franchise making Smith our QB," Allen said. "We have not performed well without his leadership or ability. We failed at that."

Washington was 6-3 last year when Alex Smith got hurt. They are 2-12 since. Bruce Allen told me, "We thought we made the right deal for this franchise making Smith our QB. We have not performed well without his leadership or ability. We failed at that." #tnfonprime

— Andrea Kremer (@Andrea_Kremer) October 25, 2019

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