Clayton: Chase Young most 'logical' pick for Redskins

Ohio State edge rusher Chase Young is the most logical pick for the Redskins at second overall, says longtime NFL reporter John Clayton.
Clayton has the Redskins taking Young with the second overall selection in his post-combine mock draft for The Washington Post. How he sees it, Washington won't be trading the pick away for a stockpile of picks in return, or going really off road and taking Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, because Young just makes too much sense.

"I think it's too logical," Clayton told 106.7 The Fan's Grant & Danny. "You just sit there and you take Chase Young."

"Last year, San Francisco went to the Super Bowl," he said. "They got Nick Bosa with the second pick. And the argument is that Chase Young may be better than Bosa. And I think most people would agree Chase is the best player in this draft. And, sure, out of due diligence you talk to the quarterbacks, but in the end, they took a quarterback last year in Dwayne Haskins."

"They're gonna go back to a 4-3 defense, so you get the best defensive end in the draft in really what is a weak draft, in my opinion, for edge pass rushers," he said. "He's the one that stands out and I think he's the one that's gonna be a Redskin."

Nor does Clayton see much trade action going on anywhere near the top of the draft: 1) Bengals; 2) Redskins; 3) Lions; 4) Giants; 5) Dolphins

Asked what it might take to trade into the second spot, Clayton said, "That's where the problem is, is that if you move down, what are you sacrificing? Because if getting a defensive end is what you want, I mean I go all the way in my mock draft to 14 before the next edge rusher goes. And what you're looking at is taking tackles, and you can wait for the wide receivers."

"I mean certainly to get another No. 1 pick and maybe something else would be something that's tempting," he said. "But then what teams are gonna be moving up for what? Because in the end, you move up for the most part into the top-10 to get a quarterback, but do you really want to move up a couple spots if you're looking for Tua when he's coming off the hip injury?

"And the hip injury still is gonna need about a month or so to kind of stabilize itself and see where he is. So I think right now, sure, there'll be talk of trades, but I don't think there's gonna be any trades that high."