Colt McCoy required another leg procedure after Redskins tried to rush him back


The Redskins have begun offseason workouts, and there's one particularly notable absentee: quarterback Colt McCoy. 

McCoy broke his leg last December, two weeks after Alex Smith suffered a catastrophic leg injury of his own. McCoy recently underwent his third procedure on the leg, and according to JP Finlay, the continued issues could be due to the Redskins trying to rush him back to the field at the end of the 2018 season. 

"Jay Gruden was honest about it earlier this offseason. He said, 'We probably pushed Colt too fast to get him back for a possible playoff game,'" Finlay told The Sports Junkies Wednesday. "Which now sounds almost funny, but at the time was a real possibility."

"Obviously, that surgery didn't work. He had to have another surgery in early March — that's when we all saw the picture of Colt at the IndyCar race down in Austin on crutches, and everybody flew into, 'What is going on here?' — and it ends up he had to have one more procedure within the past 10 days."

"He's under doctor's orders to stay down in Texas for his recovery," Finlay continued. "I don't know that it's an infection. Just kind of common sense and what we've seen is when they have to go back in a few times, usually leads you to believe that there's been some sort of complication. And I certainly think that's the case."

Finlay says the Redskins expect McCoy to be ready for minicamp, and Washington does have Case Keenum and former AAF quarterback Josh Woodrum for OTAs. But McCoy's ongoing struggles with this injury could hurt his chances at being the Week 1 starter.

"There's some questions about where Colt's gonna be health-wise," Finlay told the Junkies. "Everyone — Bruce Allen, Jay Gruden — these guys have all said there's going to be an open competition between Colt and Case Keenum going into Week 1. One of those guys will be our Week 1 starter."

"Colt had a big leg up, because he knew the offense, he'd been in the building for four years. Now, maybe Keenum's gonna be able to make up some of that ground in a much faster time because Colt's not healthy."

"In a lot of ways, it's kind of the story of Colt's career, or at least his career with the 'Skins. Where injuries at really inopportune times continue to hold him back when he does have opportunities."

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