Former Redskins remember when Albert Haynesworth hilariously faked an injury

If there is a positive to be gained from a terrible situation in Reuben Foster's season-ending ACL injury, it's that it gave life to this funny story from former Redskins Santana Moss and DeAngelo Hall.
Joined by the duo on Monday, Chad Dukes was filling Moss and Hall in on Foster's injury, because they'd been out golfing all day for Moss' charity

Foster, after sustaining the injury, had to be carted off the field at Redskins Park, with an air cast wrapped around his injured leg.

"How often when you get an air cast is it just a strain or something less, though, do you think?" Dukes remarked.

The question sparked a memory that Moss and Hall were so fond of, they raced to be the one to tell the story. The story comes via a Week 3 road trip to Detroit in 2009, a 19-14 Redskins loss.

Moss: Man, look. I heard he was carted off and I'm like...
Hall: Hey. Let me tell the story, now. You was here, too. You had to have been here. When Albert Haynesworth went out in Detroit, they brought the cart out, and we were like, 'Ah, man. Big Al is out! He's out!'...And then 10 plays later, he comes trotting out like Willis Reed in the Garden! I'm like, 'Bruh. We over here sympathizing for you, saying prayers for you, and you over here faking it, man.'
Moss: To add to that story, Portis was hitting me on the sideline like, 'Look at this joker!'
Hall: Coming running back out the locker room!"
Moss: There ain't no way in hell! So I do remember that story vividly.
Dukes: Clinton knew immediately, perhaps?
Moss: It was just, when he came back out, we're like bro, you ain't carting me off and I'm coming back out. When you cart me off, it's a wrap for me!
Hall: Nah. Nah. I'm staying in there.