Junior Galette claims he'll return to Redskins on 'vet min'

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The Redskins may be out on Junior Galette, but Galette – still unsigned about two weeks out from the start of the regular season – wants back into Washington.

After three seasons, two of which were spent recovering from separate torn Achilles, the 30-year-old linebacker finally departed from the Redskins in hopes of landing a deal in free agency. As of now, he hasn't gotten it.

Galette has been sounding off, with his humorous spin, about his situation all afternoon.

Galette claims the Redskins, in the offseason, offered him a "2 for 10" deal, presumably meaning a $10 million offer over two years, before Doug Williams informed him the Redskins were "going in another direction." That other direction was 29-year-old free agent Pernell McPhee, whom Washington signed to a one-year, $1.8 million deal that week.
Now, Galette reports via Twitter he'll take a veteran minimum deal to return to the Redskins.

Looks like I’m waiting on The @Redskins Again till I hear from another Team lol the Irony #StayWoke Control What u can Control ----‍♂️ oh yea I’ll take a Vet Min Deal Right too I know last deal was 2 for 10 that was taken off table----

— Junior Galette (@JovaisG) August 21, 2018

Junior_Galette_TweetTwitter: @JovaisG

Fake news fresh off phone with skins https://t.co/rEGmlEn5az

— Junior Galette (@JovaisG) August 21, 2018

Junior_Galette_TwitterTwitter: @JovaisG

Galette also acknowledges, with the benefit of hindsight, it's easy to see now he should have accepted that self-reported "2 for 10" offer.

Duh https://t.co/QTa86JK0Md

— Junior Galette (@JovaisG) August 21, 2018

Clearly a Bad call u want a biscuit ? Tf lol https://t.co/EVjHtaU4Uz

— Junior Galette (@JovaisG) August 21, 2018

Galette is clearly fond of his time with the Redskins, who gave him a new lease on his career after he was released by the Saints over a personal controversy.

Junior_Galette_InstagramInstagram: sackmanlives

That appeciation is certainly mutually shared by Redskins fans. It's probably best to see for yourself on Twitter, where Galette – between re-tweeting fans hyping him up, and tweeting, then deleting stream-of-conscious professional updates – is a bit all over the place. Honestly, there's no better follow right now.

When a Man is Left With No Options The mind Has No LIMITATIONS To where it can take you. Thank you @Seahawks For the Visit! Whose next --------‍♂️----‍♂️

— Junior Galette (@JovaisG) August 21, 2018

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