Landon Collins won't even refer to the Giants by name anymore


In case there were any uncertainty about how Landon Collins feels about his former team, he won't even say 'Giants' anymore.

The new Redskins safety didn't have the friendliest departure from his former team's facility. After four years with the Giants, the 2015 second-round pick abruptly cleaned out his locker this past February, leaving behind only unwanted odds and ends. 
On March 11, the first unofficial day of NFL free agency, Collins agreed to terms with the Giants' rival in Washington, a deal consummated over six years, $84 million ($44.5 million guaranteed).
When asked about this year's Madden 20 rankings during a commercial shoot for Easterns Automotive Group, Collins omitted the name of his former team, an omission he admitted was no accident.

"Outside of Madden, do you feel like you have anything to prove this year with a brand new contract?" Collins was asked Friday. "Or do you feel like you're gonna bring the same intensity that you've brought every other year in the NFL?"

"I have something to play for, just within myself, because I haven't finished the past two years," he said. Collins ended the past two seasons with the Giants on Injured Reserve, missing the final regular-season game of 2014 with a fractured forearm, and the final four games last season with a partially-torn rotator cuff.

"For that reason and just knowing what I can do, and the struggles I've been through with the other team I was on, I know I can be better," Collins said.

"You didn't say their name," I observed. "Was that intentional?"

"It's no point," Collins said. "It's no point in saying their name."

Collins went on to say his shoulder is feeling "awesome."

"It's doing great," he said. "Fully recovered, just waiting for the doctor to say I'm good to go."

Madden 20 gave the Redskins an 83 overall rating, behind the Eagles (89) and Cowboys (88). The Redskins did receive a higher rating than the Giants (77) in the NFC East.

Asked if he feels like Madden's underrating the Redskins, Collins said, "I think Madden's underrating a lot of guys, especially guys that's been to Pro Bowls, been All-Pros and stuff like that."

"And everybody's score is just really low, so, yeah, I think they are underrating everybody's," he said. "And then on the Redskins, yeah, definitely underrating our people. You've got Adrian Peterson (83), you've got Josh Norman (81), you've got myself (83), you've got Jonathan Allen (82), you've got Daron Payne (83) – all those guys are top-notch guys. I don't know how all of us are 83s or lower than that, so it's bad."

Collins added that he's "very aware" of this year's ratings.

Listen to the full interview with Collins here.