The Sound of Sirens: Chris Russell gets pulled over live on the radio


Good things happen to good people.

Which explains why raucous cheers erupted in the 106.7 The Fan offices when Chris Russell – illegally calling into 'Chad Dukes vs. The World' while driving – got pulled over live on the radio Monday.

The sound of sirens rang out to the sweet melody of justice.

Russell: Um, Dukes, I think I'm getting pulled over. This is awesome.

You're right. It is.

Dukes (laughing): Are you serious, Rooster?
Russell: Yeahhhhh. I'm gettin' pulled over. What do you want me to do? I don't know what you want me to do?
Dukes: What did you do? What are you getting pulled over for?
Russell: Well, I think because I'm talking on my cell phone, so... I think that's why I'm getting pulled over.

As the officer pleaded for Russell to hang up the phone, Russell reflexively tapped into his predatory nature, trying to wield his celebrity to exert influence over the brave man of the law.

Russell: I'm sorry. I was doing a radio interview. I understand. I'm sorry. Okay! Okay!
This was a long time coming, as Russell has arrogantly skirted the law for years. He recently flaunted this disregard by filming himself in the act of breaking at least three laws: 1) being on his phone while driving; 2) speeding in a residential area; 3) reckless driving (doing all of the above as his death machine hurtled all over the road through a rainstorm).

.@LoudounSheriff This is not a complete stop. Also, he's speeding in a residential area.

— THOM (@TomDaly2) August 15, 2019

Next time he'll think twice before testing the mettle of American justice.