Morgan Moses: Sitting Adrian Peterson a 'slap in the face'


Washington Redskins right tackle Morgan Moses called the decision to sit running back Adrian Peterson a "slap in the face."

"Any time you've got a Hall of Fame guy that doesn't dress, man, it's a slap in the face," Morgan Moses told The Sports Junkies Monday.

"And obviously, we've gotta figure out what the reason is. And it's my job as one of the older guys on the offensive line to speak up and say, 'Hey, we need him,'" Moses told The Junks. "Obviously, you don't put a Hall of Fame guy like that on the sideline. When he's healthy, as well."

"I think (Peterson) brings a lot to the game. I think he brings a lot to our team. But to have that guy just standing on the sideline is just, it doesn't sit well to guys on the team or the NFL. So I think this is something we need to correct, man, because he is a helluva football player."

Moses said he did not speak with Redskins head coach Jay Gruden about the decision to keep Peterson inactive for Sunday's 32-27 defeat to the Philadelphia Eagles. But he added he would speak with coaches before the Skins play the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2.

Moses said he did speak to Peterson about him being inactive.

"He's a guy that's, you know, he's selfless," Moses said on 106.7 The Fan. "It's not about him, it's bigger than him. He understands that and, obviously, a guy like that with that type of caliber wants to be on the field. Also, he's a guy that's not gonna make a whole lot of shouting noise about it either."

"You know with (Derrius) Guice coming off the injury and him having his first action, a lot of us felt like Adrian shoulda been out there even if it was just to spare Guice. Cause, obviously, Chris Thompson is not a guy that you want to give the ball in the A-gaps, in the B-gaps when (the defense has) got their big heavy guys sitting in there. Chris Thompson is good at opening space and that's what he does well," Moses said.

"We just gotta figure out what's going on," he told The Junkies. "And I know I'm not the only person that feels that way, but we gotta correct some things."

When asked if he would be surprised if Peterson is inactive again against Dallas, Moses said, "I would be very surprised."

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