Sorry, Maryland. You're the smelliest state in the U.S.


A new nationwide study may leave residents of D.C. and Virginia looking at their neighbors sideways.

The study examined a controlled set of data points to determine the 10 smelliest states in the U.S, measuring these four key components to reach its conclusion:

1) Air quality

2) Trash (percentage of each state that is a landfill)

3) Population density

4) Bad breath (dental health by state)

And the conclusion reached? Sorry, Maryland. You're the smelliest state in the union.

"I blame Valdez," Junkies host and Maryland resident Eric Bickel reacted to the findings, placing the blame squarely at the smelly feet of his Pasadena native producer. "That's got to be your part of town."

"It's all the crabs!" Virginia resident Jason Bishop concluded.

According to the study, Maryland was bogged down by its percentage of landfills, which take up 0.026 percent of the state, and its population density of 610 people per square mile. When it comes to smelly rankings, Maryland leads California (2), Florida (3), Delaware (4) and Massachusetts (5).

Virginia and West Virginia rank 31st and 32nd, respectively. North and South Dakota are the two least smelly states, the study finds.