Junkies Source: Redskins discussed cutting Adrian Peterson


Citing "a well-placed source," The Sports Junkies said Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden did not want to retain veteran running back Adrian Peterson.

"Jay did not want to keep, AP," The Junkies' Jason Bishop said Tuesday.

"Well, there was an argument. There was an argument," Eric Bickel interjects. "I wouldn't be so strong in saying that."

Bishop responded: "Well, the argument was, 'Should we cut AP or not?' And one guy was on the yes side and the other guy was on the no side."

Bickel adds this was not because of Peterson's production, but because the 13-year veteran "doesn't like being a backup."

"AP likes to get in Jay's ear if he's not playing. And Jay doesn't want to deal with it," Bishop said. "And that's a well-placed source that told us that. And so there was a fight... apparently, there was some sort of a disagreement on Saturday over (at Redskins) Park about it."

Gruden told the media Monday the Redskins offense would go through second-year running back Derrius Guice.

“We drafted him for a reason. We feel like he can be a first, second, and even third-down back if needed," Gruden said. "The offense, carries-wise, will probably go through him, pretty much."

The Redskins head coach said he likes all of the running backs including RB Wendell Smallwood, who Washington claimed off waivers from the Eagles. 
"Obviously, Chris Thompson we like. We just had to have another guy like Smallwood that can contribute on punt and also do some things on third down as well," Gruden said. "We feel good about the guys we kept. Obviously, (Peterson) is still here and can run the ball as good as anybody. We're good at running back."

While playing for the Saints, Peterson had a heated exchange on the sideline with head coach Sean Payton in Week 1 of the 2017 NFL season. After the game, he tweeted, "I said we need to run the ball up their Donkey. Nothing more. I'm passionate but respect my coach at the same time." Peterson played four games with New Orleans before being traded to the Cardinals.

Peterson re-signed with the Redskins after posting a 1,000-yard season in 2018 on a two-year, $8 million deal he signed in March.
Guice, who sustained a torn ACL during preseason action in 2018, missed his entire rookie season and is looking to make his regular-season debut in Philadelphia. Guice had 44 yards on 11 carries during his only action of the preseason against the Falcons.
During training camp, Guice told 106.7 The Fan's Craig Hoffman, he still thinks about the injury.

"I still think about that night every day, bro," Guice said about the game in New England last preseason. "It's gonna always be on my mind, bro, but it just never held me back."

Guice also told Hoffman the value of Peterson as a teacher.

"In the meeting room, he (doesn't) say much," Guice said of Peterson. "He starts teaching when we get to the field and when we get to practice. Whenever you're able to watch him do what he do and then when you actually do what you do, him coming and critique you right after.

"Everything isn't always a bad critique, it could be, 'Oh, I saw what you saw, good cut,' 'Good blitz pickup,' 'Good catch.' And then sometimes he'll be like, 'You know, I think you could have bounced it' or 'I think you could have cut back.' So that's just the type of guy (Peterson) is," Guice told 106.7 The Fan.
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