D.J. Swearinger on Redskins walk-throughs: 'It's a joke'

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D.J. Swearinger doubled down on his post-game remarks questioning his Redskins' teammates preparation before last Thursday's 31-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. The vocal Redskins safety says he plans to address the matter in the locker room this week.

"I just feel like when we're in certain preparations – when it's Friday, when it's Saturday, when it's time to lock in and really be focused in – I feel like it's a little bit too much playing. Whether it's on Friday or whether it's the Saturday walk-through," Swearinger told 106.7 The Fan's Grant & Danny on Monday. "A lot of guys just walk through that Saturday as if that Saturday doesn't mean much."

"But truth be told, that Saturday means a lot if you're a focused individual," he said. "If you're a focused individual, every time that you step on the practice field – whether it's a walk-through, whether it's a real practice – any time the coach is saying something, that means business. When we have our walk-throughs on Saturdays, I feel like it's a joke to me. With the amount of focus that we have, with the amount of playing that we have, the amount of lack of discipline that we have on those Saturdays and Fridays, on days where I feel like we should be tuned in. That's where those comments come in."

Swearinger was particularly unvarnished in his post-game comments, telling reporters "that laughing sh*t" during walk-throughs has to stop.

"That laughing sh*t. Man, that sh*t's for the birds when you're losing," he said Thursday. "If you're losing, if you ain't no championship team, it ain't no reason coming in the building and laughing, unless it don't mean that much to you, unless you're just doing it for the money. But if you're doing it from the heart, that sh*t going to mean something to you when you walk in that building after you lost two games in a row."

MUST SEE!!!!!! #Redskins D.J. Swearinger"We lost the game because of the defense. If we don't do the simple things right we are going to get embarrassed on national TV. That's why we don't get respect as the Redskins. That laughing Sh$% is for the birds"@wusa9 @WUSA9sports pic.twitter.com/M3ImHn6V7j

— Darren M. Haynes (@DarrenMHaynes) November 23, 2018

Twice last season Swearinger called out his teammates for holding lackadaisical late-week practices, after a 38-30 Week 10 loss to the Vikings, and again after a dispirited 30-13 loss to the Chargers in Week 14. The Redskins responded with a three-point loss to the Saints, and with a 20-15 win over the Cardinals, respectively.

"Moving forward, I'll address those things, how I feel about that, tomorrow with the defensive guys," Swearinger told The Fan on Monday. "But moving forward, if we're gonna win, man, we've got to be better in those situations, and it'll show on Sunday if we are better in those situations."

The loss dropped the Redskins (6-5) behind the Cowboys (6-5) in the NFC East by a matter of inferior division record. Washington heads to Philadelphia next Monday.

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