Santana: Dwayne Haskins should start vs. Patriots


When Santana Moss watches rookie passer Dwayne Haskins, he knows he's going to be great.

Because of that potential he's shown, "let him go ahead and ride it out" Sunday against the New England Patriots, Moss tells Chad Dukes during his weekly 106.7 The Fan segment, presented by Paul Henry's Windows.

Moss was asked if Haskins should start against the Patriots. While that option remains a possibility, Redskins coach Jay Gruden has played his cards close to the vest, saying he won't reveal his starter until later in the week.

"You can look at a lot of bright spots and say this kid has a lot of potential," Moss said Monday. "Man, you know he's gonna be great. Like I think the world of Haskins. I hate that he's on a team right now where everything just seems like it's, if anything can go wrong, it's going wrong. But when you really look at him, you see that he has a high ceiling and he's gonna be great."

"Do you sit him now because it's the Patriots?" Moss continued. "No. Guess what? You know what? Let's put you out there. We've got to go out there and win and give ourselves the best chance."

"Now, when I asked the question the other night was when I saw him get in: Do we start his era officially, because he's the guy now?" he said. "Or did he get the opportunity yesterday because he was the only guy available next? So that's gonna be a question that I have all this week until I see what goes on come Sunday. But I would just go ahead and let him go ahead and ride it out.

"I think right now, at this point, what else can go wrong? If you had enough (confidence) to put him out there when I felt like Case Keenum didn't do too much at that point in the game yesterday. He missed two probably potentially touchdown throws and he got a pick in the first drive of the game, but besides that, what else could he have done? We just didn't do nothing on both sides of the ball."

"So, if you had enough confidence in the kid then, go on ahead and put him out there against the Patriots, man," Moss said. "I think he only can get better. And I think one of the other things, too, when it comes to playing teams like the Patriots, or anybody who's riding as high as these guys, you gotta bring your best.

"And I'm pretty sure every guy in that locker room knows they have to be at their best, so they're gonna play up to the level that they should play. And you never know what you might get out of this guy with a week of preparation, knowing that he's gonna be the guy and knowing that he can really go out there and get comfortable with the targets that he has. Cause he has some guys that can make a lot of plays."

"I think you should go ahead and leave him in there," he said. "But I'm still gonna probably sit here and wait, like everybody else, and see what's gonna be the final say."

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