The Sports Junkies wish Lars Eller well in Colorado


The Sports Junkies addressed former Capitals forward Lars Eller, a longtime guest of the show, departing for the Colorado Avalanche via trade on Wednesday.

Eller, 33, had been with the Capitals since 2016 and played a pivotal role in their 2018 Stanley Cup championship run, tallying 18 points (7 goals, 11 assists) in that memorable playoff run, including four points (2 goals, 2 assists) in the Stanley Cup Final.

The Caps are retaining 31 percent of Eller's remaining salary.

EB: Lars was traded and I think in fairness he deserved a little more props from us. How many years was he on with us?

JP: It feels like three seasons.

EB: And, listen, he never really broke any news with us or anything, but he was just always a nice, classy guy.

Bish: He's a nice dude, yeah.

EB: He'd come on as Drabby said, like he'd come on after a loss and he'd always be somewhat chipper. He wouldn't be a douche.

JP: He was a good sport.

EB: He was a relatively good sport, sure. I don't think he necessarily loved coming on with us, but I think he was fine with it and I think we grew to have a nice relationship with him. So I was sad to see him go. I think we all saw it coming months away, his name was mentioned for so long.

The Eller trade became official around 2 p.m. ET on Wednesday afternoon. By 9 p.m. MST he was in uniform for the Avalanche for a game against the New Jersey Devils in Denver. That's roughly nine hours between being traded and the time he suited up for Colorado. He wound up logging 14:28 of ice time.

EB: I was stunned to see that they traded him yesterday and he played last night for the Avalanche!

Bish: Oh did he really? Well, it's a short... Anaheim to Denver.

EB: They say he showed up 15 minutes before warmups. And they said, 'Do you want to play?' And he said yes.

Cakes: Wow. Man, he's a gamer.

EB: Now here's what scared me a little bit, because I'm reading the review or whatever, and they say he didn't have his best night but he promised to adjust once he gets used to everything. Wow, they're already critiquing him.

Cakes: Well I'll cut him some slack. I mean he JUST showed up. Like he has NO chemistry with his line mates.

Bish: He played 14 minutes.

EB: They said he was given a crash course, didn't have his best night but he promised to be better once he adjusts to everything and they said at least he has an excuse for being a little sloppy. I mean they're already slamming the guy! The guy's been there for five minutes!

Cakes: Hey, you know what? He's going to the playoffs. The Aves are the third seed in the Central right now.

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