Dana White's 'Power Slap' inspires Junkies 'Butt Slap' contest


The Sports Junkies felt inspired after watching highlights from the debut of Dana White's new 'Power Slap' league on TBS.

So much so, the mulled over whether -- in 2023 -- they could get away with hosting a slightly more risqué version of their own slapping contest.

"I mean 100 percent back in the day, knowing the publicity [Dana White's 'Power Slap'] is gaining," EB said Thursday, "we would 100 percent have couples come in and do like a cheeks..."

"Yeah, like butt slaps," Cakes said.

"Bun slaps," EB agreed. "We would 100 percent do it."

Listen at the 14-minute mark in the audio player above.

Cakes: We wouldn't have couples slap each other in the face because then the authorities would be here and it's just a big thing.

EB: But is it possible that we could still do it? Like, why not?

Valdez: We can run it up the flagpole.

EB: I'm running it up the flagpole now. Three couples, the first three couples that want to come in. The wife has to wear a thong. I think that's the only thing, right? You have to wear a thong because you want the skin exposed.

Cakes: I mean we're making up these rules as we go, sure.

EB: And then we just do butt slaps. And then we judge based on imprints, redness.

Cakes: Are the guys wearing thongs too?

JP: That's a good bit!

EB: To be equal, should we have them slap the guys too?

Valdez: Yeah, it's a double rating.

EB: Alright so then what do the guys have to wear there? Speedo? Can we just stop at Speedo?

Valdez: Jeans.

EB: Do you think we could get -- at this point in our career, with our aging audience -- could we get three couples to come in here and do it? What if we had a $1,000 prize?

The Sports Junkies went on to work through the finer details of what the contest would look like... in the flesh.

Listen around the 14-minute mark in the audio player above.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Louis Grasse/PxImages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images