Danny Rouhier to be inducted into George Washington University Athletic Hall of Fame

The George Washington University men's baseball program made an extraordinary announcement on Tuesday, signaling that 106.7 The Fan host (and GW Baseball alum) Danny Rouhier would be going into the school's Athletic Hall of Fame later this year.

GW Baseball coach Gregg Ritchie called into Rouhier's radio show on Tuesday to break the news.

"Hey guys, thanks for taking my call," Ritchie began. "I want to let you guys know this is an honor to be on here, I'm a big fan of you guys. You know, I want to divert from that situation you guys are talking about to get to a situation, a thing that I know you guys do a little skit on, and it's the segment where you guys give game balls out?"

"Game Balls and Gassers," Rouhier's co-host, Grant Paulsen, filled him in.

"Oh, I love that segment. I just love that segment, giving game balls out," Ritchie continued. "You know, I'm really hoping that I can give a game ball out for sports this week. And this is for Mr. Danny Rouhier. Danny Rouhier, this is Coach Ritchie over at George Washington University."

"I just told Grant, man. I said I recognized that voice, man," Rouhier said. "What's going on, Coach?"

"I think you're in a little bit better shape than you're giving yourself credit for," Ritchie told Rouhier, who frequently runs himself down for his own physical dilapidation.

"You haven't seen me in a little bit, Coach," Rouhier informed. "I had a nice little weekend and those little things that used to not matter, they go a long way now in a negative direction."

"You think you can hit a few gappers still?" Ritchie asked.

"No. No," Rouhier said. "It's a rusty gate, man."

"Well hey, I'm honored to be on here and speaking to you guys. I'm a big fan," Ritchie said. "But today, I'm gonna have the great honor and pleasure, Danny, of sharing with you and your listening audience that as a part of the George Washington Athletics Hall of Fame, Class of 2022, that our own Danny Rouhier is being inducted!

"Danny, congratulations! Thank you for all you do for the buff and blue!"

"That is cool, man. That is really... I appreciate that," Rouhier said. "That's really awesome. That is really neat. Thank you. That's pretty cool. Thank you, buddy. I was having a terrible day, too, by the way, so that's awesome."

"So Coach," Paulsen chimed in, "so Danny Rouhier is going into the Hall?"

"Danny Rouhier is going into the Hall," Ritchie confirmed. "Welcome to the Hall, Danny. Your career was fabulous and it's an honor for us to have you in the Hall of Fame. For those who don't know how good — I know Danny jokes a lot on the show about his baseball prowess — but I'm just gonna say one thing about his statistical career real quick. Games played: 203; and 194 RBI. Are you kidding me?"

Rouhier is still in the Atlantic 10 record books for: RBI in a season (65 RBI, 2001), and winning A10 Rookie of the Week in May 1998, and A10 Player of the Week in March 1999. He received All-Atlantic 10 Second Team honors in 2000. He was also named to the A10 All-Championship Team in 2000 and 2001 as an outfielder and first baseman.

During the 2000 season, Rouhier slashed .343/.427/.568 with 21 doubles, nine homers and 51 RBI, to go along with three stolen bases and 23 walks in 58 games. That comes out to a Hall of Fame-caliber .995 OPS.

It's not just today that GWU has felt like highlighting Rouhier's collegiate career accomplishments. The program has been known to fire off a sporadic tweet from time to time, just to remind fans of the indelible mark Rouhier left behind.

Congratulations are in order for Dan(ny) Rouhier, a George Washington University Athletic Hall of Famer.

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