EB: We're totally taken for granted. Don't ask us to show up anywhere or do anything.


The Sports Junkies were lamenting how yet another incoming class of the D.C. Sports Hall of Fame doesn't include them, with Eric Bickel decrying that "we're totally taken for granted."

Moments later, EB pleaded with co-host JP Flaim not to 'put it out in the ether' that they're available to be celebrity guest speakers anywhere, whether it be at the broadcasting camp Flaim's son will be attending this summer, or any other event whatsoever.

"Here's the fact of the matter," Bickel said. "We're totally taken for granted. We've been taken for granted for 26 years. You say I have a chip [on my shoulder]. Deservedly so. But it's OK. It's OK."

"But you're right," Jason Bishop said. "If they did ask me to do that or us, I would say no."

EB: Yeah, please don't ask. Never ask.

Bish: I'm getting it out there right now: I would say no.

EB: Yeah, I'll say no to everything.

Bish: I would brag that they asked me. I would boast and brag about that, but I will say no.

EB: I'm not speaking at anybody's graduation. I don't speak at any of my kids' schools. I don't do the auctions. I don't do anything.

Bish: The only thing I'll do is Cal Ripken's charity function on Sept. 22.

EB: And that's just like having drinks.

Bish: Having drinks and introducing a couple people.

EB: It'd be hard to say no to Cal because he's been so good to us.

We're totally taken for granted. Just don't ask us to be anywhere or do anything.

JP: I felt like, looking at the list of things, we actually would be perfect candidates to speak to potential broadcasters.

EB: No, no, no. Don't put that out in the ether.

JP: I'm not saying that we're gonna do it!

EB: Don't put that out in the atmosphere. I DON'T WANNA DO IT.

Bish: It sounds like you would do it.

JP: I'd do it. Cakes would probably do it.

EB: I don't like to speak. I like to talk in this room to you four or five dummies, that are the only people I like to talk to. That's it! Nobody else! No speeches. No auctions. Nothing! I don't like that stuff!

LOL. Never change, boys.