Florio: Jimmy Garoppolo's history of ghosting 49ers unlikely to impact trade value

By , Audacy

Jimmy Garoppolo reportedly ghosting the San Francisco 49ers repeatedly caught plenty of fans by surprise, but it might not have been much of a shocker to folks around the NFL.

Mike Silver of the San Francisco Chronicle delivered a fascinating nugget about the quarterback last week, noting that he often went dark on the 49ers in the offseason – including in 2018 after he signed his huge contract.

This comes as the 49ers try to find a trade partner for him after handing the offense over to Trey Lance. Such news won’t help boost his trade value, but Mike Florio told the Mully & Haugh Show that it probably won’t tank his value.

“My guess is it didn’t do much because the teams already knew,” Florio said Tuesday morning. “There are enough former employees of the 49ers, members of the coaching staff who have spread throughout the NFL to know that this is the way Jimmy G was, and I suspect he was the same way all the way back to his time in New England. …

“And look, there are restrictions on what is allowed to be done by way of meetings and workouts, etc. during that period of the offseason between the end of the year and the start of the offseason program. But you expect the starting quarterback is going to take the call of the head coach and they’re going to have conversations.

“For him to just ghost the 49ers, and I guess he did it every year, and (Chris) Simms has heard stories like they’ll go to house if they don’t hear from him and need to talk to him, they go to his house and have to ring the doorbell to try to get his attention. So I think that was already known throughout the league, so I don’t think it affects anything.”

There are two ways to look at this. One stance would be that it’s almost impressive he was able to take the 49ers to the Super Bowl and one game away from another during his time in San Francisco while employing that approach. If he was doing that while disappearing from the team, maybe he could be better on a team that he’s willing to buy in for.

The other side is that he hasn’t actually won a Super Bowl, and he’s not talented enough for a team to just trust that he’ll figure it out. Teams like guys that are 24/7 football all year long, which Garoppolo apparently isn’t. That alone could make him undesirable for teams -- especially if he's going to have to quickly land with a team, learn the playbook and start regular season games soon thereafter.

Ultimately, Garoppolo is a better option than a chunk of other quarterbacks in the NFL. If an injury or underperformance leaves a teams scrambling at the position, Garoppolo, even with his flaws, might just be the best option.

Certainly, that's what the 49ers are hoping is the consensus around the NFL.

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