Kyrie Irving has fan ejected from Mavericks-Hornets game in Charlotte

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Kyrie Irving had enough of one particular fan during Sunday’s game in Charlotte against the Hornets.

In the third quarter with the Mavs trailing 59-52, Irving directed officials and stadium security to remove a fan from the game after he presumably was heckling the All-Star point guard.

The fan cooperated with security, but as he stood up he appeared to yell something back toward Irving’s direction on the court.

It is unclear what the fan may have said or done to prompt Irving to have him removed, but the Mavericks point guard clearly felt it crossed a line.


Irving, who has garnered a reputation as a polarizing figure amongst fans, is no stranger to such behavior. He has had multiple instances in Boston, including a fan throwing a filled water bottle at him.

Last year during the Nets-Celtics playoff series Irving responded to taunts from the crowd with the middle finger.

Heck, Irving even heard it from his own fans on Friday when he was booed in Dallas when the Mavericks lost to the Hornets, the fourth-worst team in the league, at home, although it was directed more toward the team as a whole.

It did, however, prompt a response from Irving, who said, “If the fans wanna change places, then hey, be my guest.”

Irving was traded to Dallas earlier this year after a tumultuous tenure with the Brooklyn Nets. But since the trade, the Mavericks have gone 7-12 and have fallen to 11th place in the Western Conference and are in danger of missing the playoffs.

Irving’s arrival was supposed to be a move that put Dallas over the top, pairing Luka Doncic with a fellow star player. It has been anything but as things continue to spiral.

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