Trevor Bauer told agent he was signing with Mets after merch mishap: 'It's f—ing over'


Trevor Bauer’s mind was made up: he was going to be a Met.

The chaotic ending to Bauer’s free agency, where he appeared to be destined for Queens before suddenly bolting to the Dodgers, was given some more background on Wednesday when his agent, Rachel Luba, joined Barstool’s “Starting 9” podcast to explain exactly what went down in those final days.

According to Luba, once Bauer learned that the merchandise on his website prematurely began to drop that he was going to the Mets, he told his agent, “It’s f---ing over. I’m done. Just call the Dodgers. It’s done. It’s gonna be the other team.”

Luba, sensing something was wrong with Bauer, called him back and asked if he was making this decision because of the merchandise mishap?

“He was like, ‘Yeah, but I can’t do that to a fanbase. This decision’s been made,’” Luba said he told her. “I was like, ok … we can figure out what just happened in another day or two. … You are not making a life decision on this. Go walk outside. Walk around the block and just think.”

After 10 minutes, Luba called Bauer back and asked if he had any more clarity, which is when the pitcher said it was the Dodgers.

Bauer’s decision caught some heat from Mets fans, who noticed his website was promoting Mets merchandise and believed he was headed there.

Even Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard trolled the right-hander for spurning the team, which has led to a bit of a social media spat between him and Bauer.

But both Bauer and the Mets seem at peace with how things played out. Should the two meet in October, it would certainly make for an interesting storyline.

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