Surveys show White Sox fans drink the most during games, Phillies fans drink the least among MLB fan bases


Eagles fans might have to have a little conversation with their Philly neighbors about this one.

According to the results of over 2,500 surveys conducted by — which, by no means, is the most scientific study out there but is still an impressive amount of work — the MLB fan base that consumes the smallest amount of alcohol per game belongs to the Philadelphia Phillies. Alternatively, sitting proudly atop the list, are the rowdy devotees of the Chicago White Sox, who consume an average of 4.2 drinks per game in contrast to Phillies fans' 2.4 beers.

The only other fans to average at least 4.0 alcoholic beverages per game are Atlanta Braves supporters, who aren't so far behind the White Sox fan base. If anything, these two clubs at the top show that it's not a matter of the team's struggles that dictate how much the fans will imbibe.

Where is this data coming from? According to the methodology section, 2,631 self-reporting MLB fans who were over the age of 21 responded to the surveys from all around the country. The questions asked them how many alcoholic beverages they would normally drink while watching a baseball game. 58 percent of the respondents were male, while 42 percent were female, and the average age was around 36 years old.

Here are how some rivalries and same-state duos around the league played out in this interesting set of data:

— The White Sox (No. 1) clearly defeated their cross-town rivals, with the Cubs averaging 3.4 drinks per game (No. 14)
— The state of New York was captured by the Mets, who average 3.5 drinks per game (No. 12) where as the Yankees average 3.1 (No. 18)
— The Dodgers and Padres are likely to have a close battle atop the NL West, but it was no contest here, seeing as the Padres averaged 3.7 (No. 5) and the Dodgers averaged 2.7 (No. 27)
— The Bay Area apparently likes to lay off the adult beverages during baseball games, as the Giants (2.7) and Athletics (2.5) ranked No. 28 and 29, respectively

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