Ryan Zimmerman addresses his future with Nationals


After previously saying he'd likely make a decision on his future come November, December-ish, Ryan Zimmermmn was asked for an update on his thinking by The Sports Junkies on Wednesday.

"I don't know how much you want to tell us," Jason Bishop prefaced to Zimmerman during his weekly 106.7 The Fan appearance, presented by MainStreet Bank. "But can we just assume you're coming back, until you make an announcement that you're not?

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Laughing at the phrasing, Zimmerman replied, "You know, I guess you can assume whatever you want."

As a precursor to whatever he decides, Zimmerman pointed to Major League Baseball's current collective bargaining agreement, which is set to expire at midnight on Dec. 1. If there were to be a work stoppage of some kind, it wouldn't much matter whether Zimmerman wants to play baseball or not.

"I think we'll learn a lot more here over the next few weeks about the CBA," he said. "I haven't even been keeping up, but it seems like those negotiations are starting to get going pretty good. I think the deadline or whatever, when it runs out I guess is December 1, but that doesn't really mean anything. So we'll see some more."

"But yeah, I mean, I'm enjoying some time off. I'm enjoying that," he continued. "I still definitely am planning on playing, but we'll see what happens. No decisions either way yet, but yeah, I'm definitely enjoying kind of just relaxing a little bit right now."

The 37-year-old Nationals lifer would be deciding on whether or not to return for his 17th season in the big leagues, as the longest tenured player in team history by a mile. Previously he's intimated that he'd like to continue playing for as long as he feels like he can be a valuable contributor.

In a greatly reduced role for his age 36 season, Zimmerman slashed a healthy .243/.286/.471 with 14 homers and 46 RBI in 110 games for the Nats in 2021.