WATCH: Streaker at Nationals game runs, slides on tarp during rain delay


While the Philadelphia 76ers were busy raining buckets on the Washington Wizards in the NBA playoffs, a more standard form of rain was falling down over the Washington Nationals in D.C. And with rain comes a delay. And with a delay comes a tarp. And with a tarp comes... streakers?

That was the case on Wednesday night when the Cincinnati Reds came to Nationals Park and a fan, evidently, was bored during the rain delay and wanted to have a little bit of fun. That same fan also wanted to ruin several other fans' nights, apparently, and subsequently decided to strip down to nothing and frolic about in the rain and on the tarp.

The fun didn't last all too long for the streaker, who was stopped by cops on the tarp and walked off the field under their control.